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Launch of CIC Green Product Certification

10 May 2019

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We are pleased to announce the unification of the Carbon Labelling Scheme (CLS), administered by the Construction Industry Council (CIC), and HK G-PASS, managed by the Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC). The CIC Green Product Certification, the new brand of the unified scheme, will be the leading building and construction products / materials certification scheme serving the Hong Kong construction industry. The scheme is owned by CIC and operated by HKGBC. The overarching objective is to have a comprehensive scheme taking into consideration of a wide spectrum of aspects such as carbon footprint, greenhouse gases emission, energy / water efficiency, recyclability, and minimal use of irritating, harmful and toxic materials throughout the products’ life cycle. This scheme will better enable building and construction practitioners in making informed decision on selection and procurement of products and materials with minimal environmental impact. The ultimate aim is to transform Hong Kong into a greener built environment. 
Through the schemes unification and joint force between CIC and HKGBC, we will maximise our resources to lead the CIC Green Product Certification into a new era as the prime products / materials certification standard in the Hong Kong construction industry.
In order to provide a smooth transition, the unified scheme will enter into a transition period lasting from now until end of December 2019. An interim website ( facilitating this transition phase is up and running to provide precise details of this scheme.
We hope the above provides a good snapshot of the development of the scheme and that we are working proactively to make it a success. Should you require further details, please do not hesitate to contact HKGBC (T: 3994 8888 E: