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Our Members

The HKGBC accomplishes its goals through its strong relationships and engagement with relevant stakeholders and organisations from the industry, the Government and the community. We maintain a strong relationship with all relevant stakeholders through working closely with our members to maximise positive outcomes from our initiatives to advance the cause of sustainability.

We sincerely invite those who share an aspiration for a sustainable built environment, a desire for significant business and community improvements, and who want to contribute a greener Hong Kong to join the membership programme of the HKGBC.

Types of Membership

Institutional Member
1. Patron Member
     • A prestigious class of Institutional Member
2. Institutional Member
     • General membership for local companies or organisations

Associate Member
1. Associate Member – Individual
     • Local residents aged 18 or above
2. Associate Member – Professional
     • All accredited BEAM Professional
3. Associate Member – Student
     • All full-time students with valid student identity
4. Associate Member – Government
    • Departments of HKSAR Government
5. Associate Member - Overseas
    • Any non-Hong Kong based companies or organisations

Membership Fee for 2018

NEW!  20% special discount on membership fee for any upgraded Patron Members in 2018


Membership Type Institutional Member
Platinum Patron Gold Patron Silver Patron Bronze Patron Marble Patron Institutional

Membership Fee

 HK$200,000 HK$100,000 HK$50,000 HK$20,000 HK$10,000 HK$5,000
Membership Period Full Payment received by HKGBC - 31 December of the year
Membership Type   Associate Member
Individual  Professional   Student Government  Overseas 

Membership Fee

HK$1,000 Free of Charge Free of Charge  HK$5,000 HK$5,000
Membership Period Full Payment received by HKGBC - 31 December of the year

Please note: Starting from 1 January 2014, discounts for HKGBC events, including Mandatory CPD events, would be offered to HKGBC Members only. BEAM Pro are most welcomed to join our "Associate Member – Professional" to continue with the entitlement to discounts at CPD events. 


As a Member of the HKGBC, you can enjoy a range of benefits and opportunities:

♦ Be part of the driving force
Members will contribute to the work of the HKGBC which is the overarching body of green  building development in Hong Kong, leading the advocacy, strategy, practical work and technical  developments.

Obtain first hand information
Members will receive the first hand information of HKGBC’s development and new initiatives,  magazines and e-News, seminars and trainings, large-scale conferences and events, etc.

♦ Network with key stakeholders
Via the various events that HKGBC organises throughout the year, Members can access the key industry players, business leaders and policy makers and build effective network for furthering the sustainable growth of Hong Kong.

♦ Brand building and gain recognition
Joining the HKGBC is a demonstration of the organisation’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and sustainable growth of Hong Kong. Via exposure in the HKGBC website, HKGBC major events and other marketing channels like the HKGBC official magazine, brand value is effectively uplifted. HKGBC provides effective channels for promoting the organisation’s achievements and green credentials.

♦ Enjoy voting rights
Institutional Members (including Patron Members) are entitled to the right of voting at the General Meeting of the HKGBC and to elect up to six Directors for the HKGBC Board.

♦ Seize the members-only discount for knowledge sharing and networking
The HKGBC organises many high-quality events including conferences, seminars, trainings and award ceremony each year for knowledge sharing and networking purposes. All HKGBC Members could enjoy exclusive discounts for these events.

On top of the above, Patron Members will enjoy additional benefits. Please check HERE for details.

If you share our vision and would like to join us, please click HERE. Look forward to having you to join us in building a greener future.