HKGBC Jockey Club Green and Smart Community Buildings Project

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Similar to other metropolises worldwide, greening the 42,000+ existing buildings so as to transform Hong Kong into a sustainable city is a huge challenge. HKGBC and the Jockey Club are leading the Green and Smart Community Buildings Project (the Project) from July 2018 to December 2019 with aims to enhance the knowledge and capacity of NGOs in Hong Kong on green building, as well as to promote BEAM Plus Rating Tools, especially Existing Buildings (EB), among NGO communities and the public.


The Project collaborates with four NGO partners, namely The Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong, Chinese YMCA, Hong Kong Red Cross, and Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui by conducting in-depth gap analysis to facilitate their future EB transformation through smart and green technologies application. Moreover, various workshops and engagements activities would be jointly held with these parties to influence their staff and building users’ lifestyle and attitude through green building exploration and LOHAS appreciation. To enable building users to gain deeper understanding of green building elements and their importance, roving exhibitions and displays will also be arranged among their service centres.

A series of promotional videos, green community seminars plus project-end best practice sharing shall further channel the message to the public and the wider NGO communities. Pledge for a sustainable built environment now - uphold your commitment to live a green and healthy lifestyle as well as to promote the green building messages to your family and friends!


Seminars for NGO community

A series of seminars will be held in 2018/19 targeting personnel from the NGO communities, particularly to those who are keen on transforming their existing buildings but lack the know-how on implementation. These seminars will begin with a general introduction of BEAM Plus followed by topics of interest such as green building management, building retrofit, retro-commissioning/on-going commissioning and application of smart green technologies. Case sharing will also be included. Register here.


Promotional Videos

The Project shall release ten promotional videos with emphasis on the importance and role of green buildings and the BEAM Plus Rating Tools. NGO Partners will also be featured with case sharing. Stay tuned.