HKGBW 2016

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Hong Kong Green Building Week 2016

Partnering with different social enterprises, NGOs, youth organisations and corporations, HKGBW 2016 further boosted the awareness on local green building development and green lifestyle.



Funding support by the Construction Industry Council








Video Idea Contest

Every year, we produce a promotion video on TV for the HKGBW to raise the awareness of local green building development and green lifestyle. Partnered with popular local YouTubers, the Video Idea Contest gathered astonishing and interesting ideas from the public. The winning idea was adopted in the HKGBW 2016 video and broadcasted through YouTube and local media channels.

For YouTube version, please click here (in Chinese only).

Mini LegCo & Youth Forum

The programme comprised green building workshops and tours for secondary school students during the summer before they gathered in the Legislative Council (LegCo) for a final mock LegCo debate on motion related to green building development and a dialogue with government officials. Students in teams learnt more about the green building development, the imminent threat of climate change and related local policies. To prepare for the final debate on 10 September (Sat), BEAM Pro mentors were also invited to support the teams by sharing knowledge related to the debate motion.

Please click here for event photos.

Green Building Ideas Pitch

Green Building Ideas Pitch is a structured business incubation programme in partnership with the Good Lab, to encourage start-ups to develop more innovative green building business ideas. It began with introduction talks, a design thinking workshop and a two-day Sustainability Hackathon, followed by a two-month Mentorship Programme in which experts in green building and social entrepreneurship guided the shortlisted teams to polish the plans for the Final Pitching Event on 17 September (Sat).

Please click here for event details (in Chinese only), or click here for photos.

Biz-Green Dress Day

Local companies and organisations were invited to join the Biz-Green Dress Day on 14 September (Wed) to save energy by dressing Biz-Green and minimising air-conditioning consumption in the offices. On that day, HKGBW mascot (綠築仔) and Big Waster (大嘥鬼) showed up at two designated commercial areas to promote the Biz-Green concept. To support, you may also upload photos to Facebook and Instagram with hashtags #HKGBW #BizGreen to spread the message!

Please click here for event photos.

Facebook Online Games

HKGBC has made use of various platforms to engage the public. We share more about green building and green lifestyle on our Facebook Fanpage. Two online games were also launched to promote the green building concept among the public and community (in Chinese only).


World Green Building Week

The HKGBW also echoes the World Green Building Week, a worldwide flagship campaign organised by the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC).

At COP21 in Paris in 2015,  the WorldGBC launched the global campaign Better Build Green, presenting green building as a solution to global warming. The message was simple: not only had we better build green if we are to reach a two-degree world tomorrow, but we are better off today if we do.

Therefore, the theme of World Green Building Week 2016 is set as "Change Your Perspective", an evolution of Better Build Green. In 2016, World Green Building Week took place from 26 September to 2 October.

For more details of World Green Building Week, please click here.