Green Building Academic Programmes

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HKGBC welcomes the development of academic programmes on green buildings conducted by tertiary academic institutions and may choose at its sole discretion to assist in publicising certain such programmes by allowing their information to be posted here from time to time. 

HKGBC however has no direct or indirect involvement in those programmes and is therefore not responsible for any matters relating to such programmes despite them being publicised here. HKGBC further does not accept any responsibility for the contents, accuracy or correctness of the information posted here. Any interested person or party should contact the institutions running the relevant programmes directly for any details or enquiries relating to the programmes or the information posted here.

HKGBC may consider in the future possible establishment of schemes of recognition, based on individual merits, of appropriate external academic programmes accredited by HKGBC’s BEAM practitioners for BEAM Pro training/ examination, CPD credits, etc.

For publicising respective academic programmes on our website, please contact the HKGBC Secretariat.

School of Professional And Continuing Education

The University of Hong Kong

Certificate for Module (Philosophy and Practice of Sustainability in Architecture)

Programme Description

This programme aims to equip students with advanced knowledge in the development of sustainability principles and the current practice of measurement tools used for assessing sustainability of building design and construction in Hong Kong. The 12-week programme is taught by experienced architect with specialized knowledge in the field of sustainability and the programme is designed with practical case studies, building showcases, and site visit to demonstrate the practical operation of sustainability in architecture Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education
Professional Certificate in Green Lighting Technology and Application

Programme Description

This course provides a well-structured and comprehensive training for practitioners in the lighting industry or those who are preparing to enter into this industry. It aims to familiarise them with the technology, market, design, characterisation, failure modes, country standards and applications in green lighting with emphasis on Light Emitting Diode (LED). To enlarge the market view of LED, current standards will be introduced. This course includes several laboratory sessions including measuring light distribution by gonio-photometer to obtain IES file of a lamp, importing IES file to DiaLux, and LED driver design by hardware and software. Technologies in AC LED, remote phosphor, Chip-on-Board, DALI, DMX, dimming driver are also included.

Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education
Professional Certificate in Green Building Technology

Programme Description

The course aims to prepare practitioners who aspire to acquire green building knowledge in tackling green building design considerations required in building related project. It equips practitioners with the knowledge on green building practices to reduce environment impact of buildings. It also focuses on increasing the efficiency of resource use while reducing building impacts on human health and the environment.

School of Professional and Continuing Education
The University of Hong Kong
Postgraduate Diploma in Green Building with Management

Programme Description

This Postgraudate Diploma programme is designed for students who aspire to acquire green building knowledge in tackling green building design considerations required in building related project. It is also suitable for student who wants to pave the path to become green building professional. This programme also equips students with the knowledge of carbon management, environmental policy and auditing issues for understanding essential green initiates for building related practitioners.

School of Architecture
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
MSc in Sustainable and Environmental Design Programmes

Programme Description

The programmes are designed for architects, engineers, surveyors, builders and professionals of the construction industry.

It is intended that students will:

  • Refresh their basic understanding of the subject and learn new knowledge of relevance.
  • Widen their horizon seeing the global pictures, issues & solutions offered by others in overseas countries.
  • Debate & investigate, together with teachers & specialist of the programmes, issues & possibilities.
  • Through design projects, incorporate environmental friendly & sustainable design in a scientific, logical & practical matter.
  • Build a small network of like-minded to advance the agenda. 

Students are encouraged to bring live projects into the programmes for focused study and discussion. The Programmes will be based on nine newly formulated lecture / project courses, many of these courses are taught by eminent international experts. Cutting edge research and technology will be put into practice through the design projects. Students will learn to conduct an original and focused study through the production of a written dissertation.

Department of Building Services Engineering
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Master of Science in High Performance Buildings

Programme Description

The mission of the High Performance Buildings (HPB) programme is to engage in and foster education and research for the advancement of high performance buildings. In particular, the programme provides an opportunity for students to broaden and deepen their knowledge on the assessment of high performance buildings, which impose minimal impacts on the global carbon footprint (global impacts), provide optimised building systems performance for their owners (building impacts), and ensure the best indoor environments for the health and well-being for their occupants (human impacts).

To fulfil this mission, the High Performance Buildings programme adopts an interdisciplinary approach by linking sustainable development and high-rise building construction together with socio-economic development, focusing on climate change, carbon footprint assessment, building services system management and optimisation, and indoor environmental quality evaluation. The programme is designed to cut across the traditional boundaries of management, engineering and environmental sciences to take a broad view of sustainability issues. Integrating knowledge of high performance buildings and urban dense construction, the programme provides the most up-to-date knowledge based upon contemporary research findings.


The Hong Kong Management Association
Executive Diploma in Sustainable Energy and Green Building Management

Programme Description

The Hong Kong Management Association's Executive Diploma in Sustainable Energy and Green Building Management aims to raise the awareness of green practices and sustainable development to achieve the society’s long term goal in reducing global warming. Upon completion, students should be equipped with:

  • Knowledge of Green Light, Energy Management and Greening System.
  • Awareness of the government policy and statutory requirement for Energy Saving, Environmental Greening and Tree Management.
  • Familiarity with the energy audit requirements and management procedures.
  • Understanding on energy efficient and low carbon ways of management.
  • Insight on Tree Management and relevant issues like tree preservation and inspection.