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The revamped BEAM Plus Project Registration System & BEAM Plus Project Online Account - will be launched on 1 April!

21 Mar 2019

The Hong Kong Green Building Council is launching the revamped BEAM Plus project registration system to improve our services to BEAM Plus project teams. Each BEAM Plus project will have an online account to access project information and retrieve documents.
BEAM Plus project teams will receive the login information for their project online account. Here are some new features of the account:

Centralised Registration Forms
The registration forms of all BEAM Plus assessment tools are centralised in one place.

A new item - primary email, has to be filled in, as this primary email account takes charge of the setting of account password.

Account Login
The username is based on the BEAM Plus project code with special characters removed.

Confirmation Emails
Confirmation emails will be sent to following parties after submission of registration forms and project information update:
  • Primary Email;
  • Applicant Email;
  • Representative Email;
  • Owner/ Developer Contact Email; and
  • Project BEAM Pro Email

Retrieve Documents
Related documents and promotional materials are available at the online account, for example:
  • Payment Advices and Receipts;
  • Acknowledgement Letters;
  • Certificates and Cover Letters; and
  • BEAM Plus Certification Seals

Activation Schedule

   All projects registered/assessed on or after 1 April 2019 will be given their BEAM Plus project online accounts.

For existing BEAM Plus projects, we will be activating the online accounts according to the following schedule:
8-12 Apr All registered and assessed Existing Buildings (EB), Interiors (BI), and Neighbourhood (ND) projects
15-19 Apr Registered and assessed New Buildings (NB) projects
with project code starting with "2019-"
22-26 Apr Assessed New Buildings (NB) projects
with project code starting with "2018-", "2017-", and "2016-"
29 Apr - 3 May Assessed New Buildings (NB) projects
with project code starting with "2015-", "2014-", and "2013-"
6-10 May Assessed New Buildings (NB) projects
with project code starting with "2012-", "2011-", and "2010-"

We will check the email addresses with the project representatives again around a week before we activate the corresponding BEAM Plus project online account.

Enjoy using your BEAM Plus Project Online Account!