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[News from HKGBC Patron Member - Paul Y.] Paul Y. Engineering Group Constructing for a Sustainable Future

13 Feb 2019

In recent years, public awareness of the importance of heritage conservation has grown and engineering and construction projects involving the preservation and revitalisation of historic buildings have become common. Paul Y. Engineering Group (“PYE”) is proud to have been associated with many key heritage projects carried out in Hong Kong over the past decade. We are conscientious when undertaking such projects and always maintain a continuous dialogue with all stakeholders so that specific project requirements and challenges towards sustainable development are scrutinised and addressed.

An example is the University of Chicago Hong Kong Campus, a hybrid complex comprising an iconic heritage site, the ex-Victoria Road Detention Centre, and a newly-built modern teaching centre. As the project’s main contractor, PYE played a pivotal role in transforming the Grade 3 historic building into a new international landmark, setting a benchmark for local preservation projects. As the site was situated on a slope with panoramic harbour views and abundant greenery, the new campus was designed as a ‘treehouse of knowledge’, respecting both the heritage value of the existing building and the site’s natural beauty. During construction, our project team engaged professional tree consultants to conduct tree-risk assessments and carry out maintenance works to preserve tree resources.

Besides, PYE was the main contractor of the Mills, one of the latest private building conservation projects in Hong Kong, involving the preservation and revitalisation of a number of old textile factories. Our project team strove to retain the existing design features of the buildings according to client’s design, while constructing the new features and conserving the old.