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[Hong Kong] CLP Smart Energy Award 2019

Supported by the Hong Kong Green Building Council, the CLP Smart Energy Award 2019 would be held in Hong Kong.

To promote energy efficiency and conservation (EE&C), CLP Power Hong Kong Limited launches the Smart Energy Award to recognize organisations with outstanding performance in energy saving, energy management and application of smart technology. CLP’s commercial and industrial customers, including Government, commercial organisations, NGOs and SMEs, are eligible to join the Programme.

The CLP Smart Energy Award is designed to encourage organisations to apply innovative technology, smart energy management and best EE&C practices. Those with outstanding performance in the above-mentioned areas will be recognised and receive the following benefits:

  • Receive trophies or certificates of recognition;
  • Be invited to attend the award ceremony, and receive the opportunities to share their successful experience and best practices in various publicity events arranged by the organiser; and
  • Be allowed to use the Award logo in their publicity materials and events for a year (from the date of receiving the award).

CLP’s Smart Energy Award Programme Procedure

  • Application to Smart Energy Award: Mid April - Mid June
  • Site Verification and Results Assessment: June - July
  • Judging Review: Mid July
  • Award Presentation: Mid October

The application will be closed on 11 June 2019, 6pm.

For details, please HERE for online registration.