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[Hong Kong] NAMI Air Purification Product Showcase

Supported by the Hong Kong Green Building Council, the NAMI Air Purification Product Showcase would be held in Hong Kong on 24 May 2019 (Friday).

Organised by Nano and Advanced Materials Institute (NAMI), the Innovative air purification technologies and products developed by NAMI will be presented in this showcase.  

NAMI patented air purifiers not only have high VOC dissociation efficacy but also does not emit any harmful byproduct such as ozone, and have been commercialised for both domestic air purification and more polluted industrial environment. New applications in surface sanitization and agricultural areas are currently being developed.  NAMI’s partner has also commercialized a unique Microalgae based Greenwall, which is the only product locally that actively dissociates CO2, instead of just dilutes its concentration through ventilation.  A thin and multi-functional nanofiber air filter that can turn an air conditioner into an air purifier have also been launched to market for both residential and commercial use.  This novel air filter is thin and exhibits low pressure drop, which can provide substantial energy saving compared to conventional bulky commercial air purification systems.  These novel products, all based on locally developed technologies through partnership with local companies, as well as new product development opportunities will be discussed in the showcase.

Event Details

Date :   

24 May 2019 (Friday)


2:30pm - 5:30pm


Conference Hall 01-02, G/F, Core Building 1, Hong Kong Science Park

Registration Fee:


For details, please refer to the flyer and contact Ms Joey Chow (T: 3511 3461 / E: for registration.