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[Hong Kong] The BSE Seminar - "Emerging futures for office workspace”

Supported by the Hong Kong Green Building Council, the BSE Seminar - "Emerging futures for office workspace” would be held in Hong Kong on 2 May 2019 (Thursday).

The BSE Seminar is organised by the Department of Building Services Engineering (BSE) of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Since office work is today the dominant mode of activity in advanced economies, yet it is constantly changing in response to economic, social and technological disruptions. This session will review some emerging trends, future scenarios, and relevant research from the UK and elsewhere that raises ideas for adaptive change in the design, management and operations of future workplaces. The health and wellbeing of future office workers, companies, and the planet will be addressed.

Event Details

Date:    2 May 2019 (Thursday)
Time: 4:00pm - 5:00pm
Venue:  Room Z414, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University

You may click HERE for more information.
For registration, please click HERE.