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[Hong Kong] Hong Kong Soundscape – A Sound Map Creation Competition

Supported by the Hong Kong Green Building Council, the Hong Kong Soundscape – A Sound Map Creation Competition would be held in Hong Kong from December 2018 to April 2019.

The Competition is the first of its kind in Hong Kong aiming to raise public awareness of local soundscape and to promote the idea of treating sound as resources and the importance of ambient sound environment. Through the Competition, we hope to educate the general public on treating sound as resources instead of waste and to generate ideas of a better design approach to improving the overall soundscape in Hong Kong. As one of the activities in celebration of the Institute’s 25th anniversary this year, the Competition will be open to the general public and invite interested citizens to submit a short sound clip recorded in Hong Kong, together with a brief description of the sound environment as well as photos or videos, thereby creating a sound library for Hong Kong.

Te Competition received over 160 entries covering a variety of sound clips recorded in Hong Kong. The organiser now cordially invite the public to vote for your most liked sound clip under each theme and participate in a soundscape survey. You may visit the Online Voting page HERE.

For details, please refer to the below flyer or visit their page HERE.