Green Tenancy Driver Training Toolkit

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Published in 2014 by the Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC), the Green Tenancy Driver for Office Buildings (the “Guidebook”) encourages landlord-tenant collaboration to create a sustainable working environment with reference to a five-stage roadmap, including Green Awareness, Voluntary Pilot Run, Graduated Collaborative Approach, Split Incentive Consent and Green Lease.

To encourage tenants, green ambassadors and frontline staff of property management companies to take the first step and go green, the HKGBC has developed the Green Tenancy Driver Training Toolkit (the “Training Toolkit”), which contains the necessary materials for implementing green measures at offices. There are four key aspects, including Energy Efficiency, Water Conservation, Waste Reduction and Paper Reduction.


An all-in-one Training Toolkit includes:

   Tool  Description  Quantity  Price

 • Enrich your recycling knowledge

 1 pc  $500/set
 Green Stickers

 • Provide you with the tips on saving
   resources and reducing waste in an
   interesting way

 48 pcs
 11 designs)
 Pilot Run
 Leaflet  • Help you get familiarised with the Training
   Toolkit at a glance
 1 pc
 Green Guidelines  • Provide you with easy-to-understand
   guidelines on going green at offices
 5 sets
 Green Measures  Checklists  • Monitor the effectiveness of green
 4 sets
 Environmental  Performance
 Monitoring Forms
 • Adopt a short-term approach and record
   your daily resource consumption for data
   collection to formulate your own green
 9 sets


To help you take one step further towards Graduated Collaborative Approach, a FREE package is now available for purchasing each set of the Training Toolkit. This package includes a Green Achievement Roadmap and a recycling bag, available while stock lasts.

   Tool  Description  Quantity
 Graduated   Collaborative
 • Adopt a long-term approach and record your green
   achievement on a roadmap
 1 pc


Click here to take a look at the Training Toolkit.

Click here to download the Green Tenancy Driver Training Toolkit leaflet.