HKGBC Green Building Faculty

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Expression of Interest (EoI) in Joining the HKGBC Green Building Faculty (GB Faculty)

This online form below is for new applicants who would like to express his/her interest in joining GB Faculty, and for current GB Faculty members who would like to add/change his/her expert group(s)

For current GB Faculty members who would like to only update his/her personal information and contact details, please fill in the Personal Information Update form by clicking here.

Applications are accepted throughout the year.

The Selection Panel involving representatives from the Green Labelling Committee of HKGBC, the Technical Review Committee of BSL and Chairs of BEAM Expert Panels will select suitable candidates based on their qualifications and experience.  Selection will be on a competitive basis.  The decision of the Panel shall be final. 

Selection meetings will normally be held twice a year. Candidates will be notified of the results when available.

Important Note

The HKGBC has the full and final discretion to appoint the faculty members with a view to having a balanced mix and reasonable group size of professionals and experts for each panel, while some faculty members may support more than one panel if considered appropriate by HKGBC.

Part 1/5:
Personal Particulars

HKID Format: A123456(7).

Academic Qualification

Professional Disciplines

If you choose "Others", please type your professional discipline below.

Professional Membership

If you choose "Others", please fill in the following part "Membership of Other Professional Institutions".
Type "N/A" if not applicable.
(e.g. 1988, 2002, 2010, etc. Type "N/A" if not applicable.)

Membership of Other Professional Institutions

If you choose "Others", please fill in your membership of other professional institutions here.
Please provide the names, membership numbers, years of attaining the membership, etc.

BEAM Professional (BEAM Pro) Status

(e.g. BP2010-9999)

Part 2/5:
Are you currently a GB Faculty member?

Please go to Part 2A if you are currently a GB Faculty member.
Please go to Part 2B if you are a new applicant.

[Part 2A]
Current GB Faculty Member: Change of Expert Group(s)

If you are currently a GB Faculty member and wish to add/change your expert group(s), please fill in this part and indicate your preference of expert group change.

Your Current Expert Group(s) - Please separate them by comma (e.g. SA, MA)

First Priority

If you wish to add to one more expert group, please select "Nil - Add to an expert group".

Second Priority

If you wish to add to one more expert group, please select "Nil - Add to an expert group".

Please continue at Part 3/5.

[Part 2B]
New Applicants: Fulfillment of Criteria

If you are NOT currently a GB Faculty member, please fill in this part.

New Applicants are required to confirm his/ her qualifications based on the Criteria set out for becoming the Green Building Faculty. Please confirm your qualification.

Essential Criteria

Preferential Criteria (Optional)

(Please choose one or more):

Area of Expertise

Please indicate your priority of desired expert groups below.

Part 3/5:
CV / Summary of Experience

Please provide your CV or Summary of experience in PDF format that is relevant to your expertise.
Only PDF file with less than 1MB is accepted.

Part 4/5:

(For New Applicants to fill in only)

Your simplified biography will be published on HKGBC website if you are selected as a GB Faculty member.

Part 5/5:

Receipt of Promotion Materials from the HKGBC
Please indicate if you would like to receive promotional materials from HKGBC.

Confirmation and Declaration

By clicking "Submit", you will be directed automatically to the successful submission page. Otherwise, please check the incomplete field(s) with error message next to it.