BEAM Plus ND V1.0 Project Information Update

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Developers are encouraged to submit update information about their projects after BEAM Plus assessment. Please read the following before submitting the update for project being registered with the HKGBC.

Important Note

Hong Kong Green Building Council Limited (HKGBC) reserves the right to reproduce, print, publish the material submitted with this Submission in either paper or electronic format, for any use in association with Hong Kong Green Building Council Limited, and BEAM Society Limited.

To maintain high market transparency to help accelerate the market transformation towards higher building performance and best practice, the relevant information of BEAM Plus projects, including provisional and final assessment results, will be posted on web at the discretion of the HKGBC.

Applicants should have the responsibility to update the information to HKGBC should changes be made.

The BEAM Plus assessment process will be carried out in accordance with the BEAM Plus Procedures Manual posted on HKGBC website. Applicants should follow the procedures stated therein.


As a condition of use, you covenant not to sue, and agree to waive and release Hong Kong Green Building Council and BEAM Society Limited, their officers, agents, employees and members from any and all claims, demands and causes of action for any injury, loss, destruction or damage (including, without limitation, equitable relief and economic loss) that you may now or hereafter have a right to assert against such parties as a result of your use of, or reliance on, BEAM Plus.

You are only authorised to proceed to use BEAM Plus on this basis. All rights reserved.

BEAM Plus Neighbourhood (ND) Project Information Update Form

Those fields marked with:
 [ * ] must be filled in for project information update.
 [ # ] will be shown in BEAM Plus Project Directory.

Section 1 of 5. Project Information (For Projects registered with HKGBC for BEAM Plus Neighbourhood project assessment)

Please state the section(s) you are going to update, separated by comma.
Please provide the no. to boost up the process. e.g.: 2017-001ND(R).
(Same as the submission to BD. Format can be changed but identity of address cannot be changed. The Applicant is reminded that BEAM Plus Project Registration is based on a specific site, with well-defined boundaries. In case there is any amalgamation with adjacent sites, or segmentation of the original site, re-registration of the project is required (i.e. the original project shall be withdrawn; the new project shall be freshly registered).)

Please provide latitude and longitude (e.g.: 22.335757, 114.175081) of the project address.
You can obtain the coordinate by 1) right click on the project location in Google Map and 2) selecting "What's here?".

(if applicable)

Project BEAM Professional (Pro)

e.g. BP201X-000X

Section 2 of 5. Consultant Information (Company / Organisation Name only)

Section 3 of 5 Project Programme and Details (Tentative)

Applicant is responsible to inform BEAM Society Limited of the updated Occupation Permit (OP) and Tentative Assessment Submission Time schedule if the actual plan varies to this submission.

Tentative Occupation Permit (OP) or Equivalent Project Completion Time

OP Time shall be interpreted as "Building Handover Certificate" for projects of Architectural Services Department or "Contract Completion Date" for Housing Authority projects.

Tentative Assessment Submission Time

(if applicable)
The Assessment Fee will be charged based on the CFA. Incorrect information may delay the assessment process.
Applicants are requested to clearly delineate the exact assessment boundary /scope together with the Registration form. Please submit a Block Plan with lot numbers and street names shown. The BEAM Plus assessment boundary shall be clearly marked on the Plan. All files shall be in pdf format. The size of each file must not be greater than 1MB.

Section 4 of 5. Contact Person for this update

Section 5 of 5. Acknowledgement

Registration Acknowledgement letter. [For projects under "Registered" status ONLY]

You will be directed to another page automatically after pressing Submit button , indicating successful submission.
If not, please check the error(s) stated above.